Wanaka Community House Timeline

QLDC commissioned a report which identified over 65 community support type organisations and agencies servicing the Upper Clutha, and the burgeoning demand for an integrated community house facility in Wanaka.

The Anglican Church championed of the construction of a Community House.  They propose to donate a portion of their land on McDougall Street to the project, on a long-term lease basis.

Church receives anonymous donation of $50,000.00 earmarked for funding the bringing together of plan of a new church/hall and/or such other facilities as appropriate for the future use of the church on its existing Wanaka site.

2008 March
Project Group established.

2008 June/July
Formal consultation with St. Columba’s community. 18 written submissions received and collated.

5 architect firms invited to submit expressions of interest. Interviews conducted and brief awarded to Wanaka’s Salmond Architecture.
Project Group conducts ongoing consultation with the Diocese, Wanaka Community Board; QLDC; and Community Networks.

2008 December
Presentation of concept design to St. Columba’s community

Special General Meeting of St. Columba’s community directs the Project Group to undertake a feasibility assessment of the Salmond Architecture.

Deidre Nagel from Bishop’s Action Foundation [Waikato Diocese] visits. Currently involved in Stratford with a project almost identical to St Columba’s.

2009 June
Megan Williams contracted to facilitate project feasibility assessment

Community Networks Wanaka signs Memorandum of Intended User of proposed community house.

Ongoing feasibility assessment process including media releases, public meetings, (12 Aug) prospective user surveys and interviews, discussions with potential stakeholders, researching funders and consent issues etc.

A detailed Feasibility Study completed

2009 November
Feasibility report presented to St Columba’s Special General Meeting. 32 in attendance. Secret ballot held. By a majority of 28 to 4 the meeting resolved to approve the Feasibility report and authorized the Project Group to implement the action plan as contained in the report

2009 November
Project approved by Upper Clutha Parish Vestry.

2009 December
Project approved by Diocesan Council and Dunedin Diocesan Trust Board.

2010 February/March
Appeal for pledges of funding support from St. Columba’s parishioners yields a total of $97,950. 00 in pledges from a total of 27 parishioners.

On the recommendation of the Project Group and in order to achieve the widest possible parishioner consensus, St. Columba’s committee resolves to hold a full day workshop on the 14th August 2010 to enable those opposed to the project to present their views and bring forward whatever alternative proposals they may have to offer.

Preliminary report on the concept for Resource consent approval?
Work completed to set up a Trust to further the project.

2011 December
The Wanaka Community House Charitable Trust (WCHCT) was formed

2012 August
Review of Parking layout, Abley transportation consultants

Comment on the planning / rule framework

2013 January
An update of the demand analysis for the facility completed

2013 March
Funding received from CLT to tie together all the work completed to date, to fill in some gaps and to gain an outside perspective.

2013 June
Public Community House workshops held facilitated by Margy-Jean Malcom. Development of draft vision and values. Exploring of different governance models.

2013 September
Full feasibility report received from Arrow Strategy confirming that the Community House is both feasible and achievable on the Church site.

2013 December
An application approved by Central Lakes Trust for $195,970 towards pre-construction costs
Tenders out to Architects with a revised and updated design brief

2014 January
Sarah Scott Architect engaged to design new plans, initially concept drawings

2014 May
Draft concept plans presented to the Church and WCH and ACDT Trusts

MSD capability funding awarded for preparations around strategic governance, operational management and collaboration

2015 September
Resource Consent application first lodged

2016 May
Resource Consent granted

2016 June
Resource Consent appealed

2016 September
October Mediation

2016 December
Resource Consent granted

2017 February
Detailed drawings commenced, Building committee meeting fortnightly

2017 April – May
Expressions of interest sent to tenants

2017 June
Workshop held with Interested tenants to garner further feedback on detailed drawings

2018 March
Central Lakes Trust and the Otago Community Trust have announced a $2.1 million funding boost

2018 June
Tenders received